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Charles Goodall & Son

Playing-card manufacturers of London, England. Produced Christmas stationery from 1859 and issued what were amongst the first visiting-card style Christmas cards from 1862.

“It seems probable that ornamented note paper and envelopes appeared just before the cards, that the designs in relief, identical with those on the stationery named, were either simultaneously or very shortly after stamped in the centre of a card which had its edges coloured or embossed”
“Christmas Cards and their Chief Designers” by Gleeson White The Studio, Special Christmas Issue, 1894.

Cards are identified by the Goodall trade mark, a heart with Goodall within, or “CG & S” or “Goodall” printed beneath the picture. Production of greeting cards continued into the late 1880s.

Goodall trade mark - most common Goodall trade mark - least common

The Victorians were fond of visual puns and word games and I suspect there is a hidden meaning in the above trade mark designed by George Clulow. The word "GOOD" is placed above "ALL" giving the phrase "Good Over All".

  • From top
  • Goodall New Year card by chromolithography
  • 102 x 70mm (4 x 2¾in)
  • Dated by sender 1880
  • Early Goodall visiting card style Christmas card
  • 83 x 50mm (3¼ x 2in)
  • circa 1860s
  • Goodall trade marks

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