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Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens, inventor and manufacturer of the illuminated pure silk-woven book markers, also produced silk-centred and silk-fringed Christmas, Valentine and birthday cards from the mid 1870s.

Image of Thomas Stevens factory
The Stevengraph Works, Coventry with offices in London and New York

Image of silk edged birthday card

Single and folded cards with silk fringes were more expensive than ordinary unadorned ones and provided the buyer with something more delicate and pretty.

Image of Thomas Stevens trade card

Cards are identified by initials "TS" or "Thomas Stevens" printed in the corner of the picture or the firm's trade mark, a book containing bookmarks resting upon a cushion, on reverse.Image of Thomas Stevens trade mark

  • Middle
  • Silk-edged folded
    birthday card
  • 165 x 89mm (6½ x 3½in)
  • Bottom
  • Cover of Thomas Stevens trade card for silk-edged perfumed cards
  • 89 x 114mm (3½ x 4½in)

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