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The Calendar

Another form of year-round greeting is the calendar, a New Year gift that stays with the recipient long after the other greetings have left the mantlepiece.

The greeting calendar came into general use in the 1870s and 80s, initially as an extension of the novelty almanac, much favoured as give-aways by early advertisers, and later as a hanging wall decoration.

  • Donaldson Brothers
  • Steam Lithographic Printers
  • New York 1878   Printed one side only
  • Marcus Ward & Co, London & Belfast
  • An Illuminated Calendar 1880
  • Twelve page booklet


  • Eugene Rimmel London & Paris
  • “The principal perfumery vendors in the world”
  • Perfumed Almanack 1864
  • Eight page concertina-fold

  • Henry & Co Shirt Makers
  • Purse Calendar, four pages
  • London 1887

  • “The Fleeting Year” Calendar 1900
  • Four page hanging calendar

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