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Father Tuck’s Advice for Scrapbook Compilation

You can arrange your scraps so that each of the thirty-two pages of the Album is a complete picture.

Before an artist paints a picture he thinks out just what it is to be about and where everything is to be, and this is what you must do before you begin to gum in your scraps to make your picture.

You might like your first picture to be a garden, if so, choose flowers and birds and butterflies, and perhaps the little girl and boy playing with a wheel barrow - they could be in the centre with the butterflies and birds flying about and the flowers growing as they do in a real garden - or you may have a nice picture postcard that would do for the centre, around which you could arrange the smaller scraps.

As there are dozens of lovely scraps here you can make ever so many beautiful pictures, all different.

The scraps should be carefully separated and any of the little pieces of white paper which join the sheet together and do not really belong to the scrap should be cut off, then with your brush take a very little gum and stick on each scrap.

When you have completed two pictures place a sheet of clean paper between the leaves, this is to prevent them from sticking together, then close the Album, and put two or three books or anything else heavy on top of it to make sure that the scraps stick down firmly in their proper places.

You will have made a really beautiful book when the pages are filled.

Father Tuck’s Complete Picture
Maker for Little People

Pictures of Childhood

This boxed set sums up the beauty and wonder of playing with scraps as a child - an endless never-never land of make-believe and fantasy.

Measuring 17½x11½ inches it was produced by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd, circa 1930 and is included here for the enjoyment of those interested in the history of scraps, scrap albums and scrapbook compilation.

Complete Picture Maker-Box Lid

Complete Picture Maker-Box Contents

Coloured scraps
Coloured scraps

30 sheets of coloured scraps are contained in the box - boys and girls, birds, animals, flowers, butterflies and all sorts of things

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