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Creature Comforts

All kinds of creatures, from the homely to the exotic, in all sizes and forms, find themselves portrayed upon the Victorian Christmas and New Year greeting card.

To the delight of the sentimental Victorians the greeting card establishments turned out an enormous variety of designs.

The representations of their domestic companions in carefully drawn, natural attitudes created life-like charming compositions, elegantly printed in gold and colours by chromolithography.

By way of contrast were the humorous sketches of their pets, dressed up in bells, ribbons and fanciful costumes, performing tasks and tricks which reflect nothing of their own world, but rather the society of their owners.

These artists renderings of the comical gatherings from the animal kingdom were accompanied by equally imaginative and whimsical verses from the sentiment verse writers thus ensuring great pleasure and mirth was had by all at Christmas time.

Love me and love my dog



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