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The Scrap Album - Home Page   Number of pages: 1
Introducing the drawing-room archive - the scrapbook or album.

The Album   Number of pages: 4
Notes on Victorian scrap albums and scrapbooks, including pages from an 1840 album, and details on the album frontispiece.

The Victorian Scrap   Number of pages: 21
Notes on the development, production and application of the scrap, stamped embossed relief or die cut.

Father Tuck’s Complete Picture Maker   Number of pages: 1
This boxed circa 1930 set sums up the beauty and wonderment of playing with scraps as a child.

Reward of Merit   Number of pages: 1
The Reward of Merit was given by the teacher to a pupil for punctual attendance, good conduct and improvement at school.

The Calendar   Number of pages: 1
A New Year gift that stays with the recipient long after the other greetings have left the mantlepiece.

The English Lotteries   Number of pages: 1
“A Lottery is a taxation upon all the fools in creation !”
A small selection of Lottery handbills and engravings dating between 1800-1826.

Lace Paper Valentines   Number of pages: 14
For the British the love affair with lace paper was deep and lasting. Attractive Valentines accompanied by quotations taken from newspapers and magazines of the period.

Comic Valentines   Number of pages: 12
A laughable and quizzical collection of Merry Valentines for persons of both sexes ! These scurrilous printed sheets, entered into the humour of the common and middles classes, fun and mischief were their elements.

Easter Frolics   Number of pages: 7
A small display of Victorian greeting cards based on the theme of Eggs at Easter-time.

Greeting Card Publishers   Number of pages: 21
Victorian Greeting Card Manufacturers for Christmas and the New Year. A brief introduction to some of the more popular greeting card publishers and printers.

A Victorian Christmas   Number of pages: 14
Victorian greeting cards, scraps and ephemera are used to recreate the ambience of a Victorian Christmas and New Year season.

A Christmas Menagerie   Number of pages: 10
All kinds of creatures, find themselves portrayed upon the Victorian Christmas and New Year greeting card.

In Fairyland   Number of pages: 6
What strange sights are to be seen in Fairyland ! Victorian Christmas and New Year cards present a world of fantasy represented by elves, goblins and those mischievous little folks, the nixies and pixies.

Ephemera News, Events & Exhibitions   Number of pages: 1
Dates and details of The UK Ephemera Society’s Bazaars and Special Fairs, topical news related to printed ephemera and exhibitions.

Links to other Websites   Number of pages: 1
Interesting links to related sites.

Contact - it’s easy to get in touch   Number of pages: 1
Your comments, questions and greetings are always welcome.

Copyright Statement   Number of pages: 1
If you would like to licence material from the The Scrap Album collection, reproduce material or are uncertain if you are about to breach The Scrap Album copyright terms please read this page.