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Augustin Thierry

Thierry had premises in London, England from 1852 and is acknowledged as one of the first importers of chromos and reliefs into England from the early 1850s.

Trade card of Augustin Thierry

The Christmas and New Year cards attributed to him as a publisher date from 1877-1880 and are identified by the very characteristic style of the children’s figures with bright colours of russet, green and blue with many on gilt backgrounds.

The identification of this publisher was discovered by the late Laura Seddon while researching Christmas card publishers from Stationers Hall records. The book A Gallery of Greetings by Laura Seddon is a catalogue of her collection of over 30,000 cards housed in the Manchester Metropolitan Museum, Manchester, England.

A. Thierry on tiny scrap
  • From Top
  • Trade card
  • 89 x 62mm (3½ x 2½in)
  • New Year card
  • 102 x 70mm (4 x 2¾in)
  • Artist: Felix Düssert
  • Tiny Victorian scrap
  • 19mm across (¾in)

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