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In FairylandMushroom Land

Manners and Customs of some of the Natives

The Fairy Queen, wearing her crown, oversees the Wood-Elves chopping down a Toadstool, while a weary worker rests himself against a stone.

Twilight came upon Mushroom Land. The Elves came out to dance, for Elves only dance at dusk, which was very imprudent, this evening, as they had plenty more work to do the next day, and it would have been wiser if they had gone to sleep.

The Elves went on with their play until midnight when they got into the boughs of a big tree and went to sleep.

Q. How do they know when it is midnight, for there are no clocks in Mushroom Land ?

A. Well, they cannot really help knowing, as it is exactly at twelve that the Mushrooms begin to grow, and the tiny shoots emerge from the leaf litter.

  • Opposite
  • D.L.R. (De La Rue & Co)
  • 127 x 89mm (5 x 3½in)
  • Top and middle card Numbered 31 and dated 1877 by sender
Another  Fairy Land  Fantasy

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