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In FairylandWar & Peace!

Would you believe it, all is not
well in Fairyland !

A dreadful war has broken out. The Horse-Chestnut Elves have crossed over the border and come into the Fairy Queen’s garden to steal her woodland fruits. The Elfin Army fought with spears, some riding Beetles and Grasshoppers instead of horses.

However like all things in this magical Kingdom, in the twinkliing of an eye the conflict was over and the war-like exercises have been replaced by talks of reconciliation.

The Fairy Queen and the Horse-Chestnut Elves are evidently friends again and, let us hope, live happily ever afterwards so that they may continue to enjoy their skipping and swinging.


  • Opposite
  • D.L.R. (De La Rue & Co)
  • 127 x 89mm (5 x 3½in)
  • Top and middle card Series no 47 Bottom card Series No 436
Another  Fairy Land  Fantasy

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