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In FairylandElves at Play!

Amongst the legends and fables of the Little People, there was once upon a time, the tale of the Mischievous Butterfly, seen here mistaking our Elf for a flower, and the fable of the Water Serpent, a creature from the depths of the river whose attempts to capsize our Elves little-leafy craft was met with gallant opposition.

By challenging their foes with spears and swords they increased their courage till they felt brave enough to fight off all the Ghosts and all the Giants who may dare to meddle with them.

Great fun was had this day and the Elves triumphant progress was celebrated later, when they dined and danced, and made merry.


  • Opposite
  • No Publisher
  • 108 x 70mm (4¼ x 2¾in)
  • Lower card dated 1882 by sender
Another  Fairy Land  Fantasy

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