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Love me
and love my dog

Dogs, along with cats, were the favourite animal to be frequently featured on Christmas cards.

They were often given anthropomorphic postures, perhaps to emphasize the harmonious companionship the Victorians had for their pets.

More likely, however, was for the fun often poked at the similarity between certain canine characteristics and their human counterparts.

  • “Love me and love my dog !”
  • I wish you here
  • Through this my deputy
  • “A Bright New Year !”
  • Though “Roughs” the bearer,
  • take the gift I send,
  • The Token doggie brings
  • is from a Friend !

W A B Coolidge, the great scholar of Victorian mountaineering was regularly accompanied on his alpine expeditions by his dog.

Together they made sixty-six major and one hundred minor climbs !


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