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The delightful monkey’s love of fun and activity, charged with devil-may-care energy, leads it into all kinds of tricky situations usually in lively encounters with other animals.

An advertisement from the 1880s, for a set of cards, makes an intriguing claim:-

“Life-like pictures of monkeys engaged in games of chess, cards and marbles. The progress monkeys are making towards a high state of civilisation is admirably shown in this series.”

    • The way to spend a Happy New Year
    • We monkeys are going to teach,
    • Tho’ you may say,
    • With a pout and a sneer,
    • ‘Ye practice not all that ye preach !’
    • But you, like us, if happy you’d be,
    • Must fight the whole year through,
    • For, if you don’t, you'll very soon see
    • That others will pitch into you !
  • A frolicsome Christmas to you!
  • Oh say, when shall we meet again !
  • Congenial friends should never be parted.
  • One touch of nature makes us kin,
  • And, like yourself we’re all true-hearted;
  • So take with this our kindly greeting
  • Until our next most merry meeting.

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