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Cupids Vagaries

“But in the family of social life the Valentine Comic makes the sport - so as are the squibs and crackers in November, are the Valentines in February - great guns for the toy shop ! There you see them in every form of the amatory burlesque - in every phase of personality and caricature, and friends and acquaintances, and pretty men and ugly women, and people one has a spite against, and people one has a joke against get letters such as never came before.”
The Illustrated London News, February 1845

“There are, however, so many abuses, so many dangers and incitements to evil, in the usages of this day, that it would be well for the virtue of thousands if its observance were wholly abandoned.”
Notes & Queries, February 1863

  • Opposite
  • Comic valentine
  • No publisher
  • 120 x 177mm (4¾ x 7in)
  • Mid 19th century


  •   Simple young man succeed where you can,
  •   You're not quite the angel for me,
  •   Go to your Ma, and tell your Papa
  •   That in wedlock we never can be


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