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These bright, richly coloured, embossed scraps were used to great effect by Valentine makers to enhance the exquisite patterns of the white lace paper. Romantic sentiments could often be discovered concealed beneath the central scrap motif.

Victorian lace-paper valentine by Dobbs Kidd & Co

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Pocket sample folder of the latest styles of hidden name cards

Hidden Name Cards
Appearing in the 1880s in the USA these calling-card novelties carry a hinged embossed scrap that conceals the bearer’s name which is only visible when the scrap is lifted.

The name is printed in the centre of the card and the floral ornament can be raised at one end to show the name when desired.

  • Right
  • Saleman’s pocket sample folder of hidden name cards
  • Ray Card Company, North Haven, Connecticut, America
  • Late 19th century
  • Left
  • Victorian valentine with applied scrap, lace-paper
    by Dobbs Kidd & Co

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