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Early publishers produced simple uncut picture sheets, unembossed and matt-surfaced. These sheets were intended for children to colour or draw from.

Imaginative little children would have cut out the figures and scenes to play with, while their elder brothers and sisters selected the better cut-outs to place in their albums and scrap books.

  • Early Picture Sheet
  • Hand-coloured engraving
  • Published by
  • William Darton,
    Joseph Harvey & Co
  • London May 1, 1817

  • Scraps for Juveniles
  • Hand-coloured lithograph
  • Printed in Germany by K.Thienemanns-Verlag (Julius Hoffmann) Stuttgart
  • for A N Myers & Co London
  • circa 1850

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Early Picture Sheets

Early Picture Sheet by Willian Darton & Joseph Harvey 1817
A scarce and delightful hand-coloured print illustrating scenes of country life.

A print sold by A.N.Myers & Co, printed in Germany, came in envelopes
containing various comic scenes.

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